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A little word from our happy customers


Aston Cheung 小朋友 Customer

The colours and simple appearance of MoonRock school bags first caught our attention. We love the fact that it's light and the size fits all of our daughter's stuff inside. Although the pink MoonRock we are using is still durable, we will be getting her a new MoonRock for the new academic year just for the new colours!

Mrs Tse Customer

Love the design, colour and quality all makes a really stylish bag. Absolutely sets a new standard to all other school bag brands in the market.

Derek Tai Customer

It is difficult to find the right school bag and Hong Kong students are carrying heavy load every day. It is a back-breaking work for them. The wrong school bag can make some heavy health problems. You may bend forward at the hips or arch your back. This can cause your spine to compress unnaturally.
I was impressed when I found MoonRock school bag. It is good looking, yet lightweight, and is fitting well across the back. This durable bag comes complete with name tag and ergonomic strap design. A school bag with adjustable top and shoulder strips like ones hikers use may give you more support, sits comfortably and securely on the backs of children.

Jenny Fong Customer

Trendy and practical, my son loves it.

Rosaline Suen Customer

It would be much better if the bag can be lighter though I understand MoonRock is already one of the lightest options in the market comparing to those with similar functions.
It would be perfect if there is more optional items like 'recess bag', PE bag, water bottle, etc.

Mrs Lee Customer

My son is 11 years old and he loves his MoonRock school bag so much. He used to complain about his heavy bag but since switching to MoonRock, he hasn't complained and says it's the most comfortable school bag ever! He's definitely happy and as a parent I'm glad we discovered MoonRock for the good of his growing spine. Thanks MoonRock!

Linda Lau Customer


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