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About MoonRock Play

Trampolines, check. Water bombs, check. Pillow fight, check.

If being playful is an art, you are the master of it. Don’t let anything stop you! The only musthave is a statement bag that takes it to another level, especially for you who enjoy a little bit of spotlight. In case you haven't heard, MoonRock Play leisure bags are the new rays of sunshine in the Fun Department.

Get your hands on these babies and you will find that they are not your typical kiddie fare.
MoonRock is all about unzipping creativity and igniting originality, and after the dismissal bell rings, MoonRock Play takes all the fun-tastic fun outside the classroom and realizes dreams beyond your wildest dreams. Our bags of charm add a pop of colour to your wardrobe and let your cheeky-monkey charisma shine through. Made with love for those bitten by the fashionista bug, each design is a feast for the eyes, a celebration of your ooh-la-la spirit. Is there no end to MoonRock Play’s imagination?

This second you are making memories with your folks and friends, the next you are saying “yay” to new adventures in the world. We want you to be you, with us! Give us a piggyback and see where MoonRock Play takes you!

Our Headquarter:


Room 1404, 14/F, Tai Ping Industrial Centre Block 4, 51A Ting Kok Rd, Tai Po


852 3568 4351