Meet Wells and Soba


Oh, have you met Wells, the little fellow with a dream too big to be contained by his teeny body? Just like me and you and you, Wells is searching for his place in the world (and out of this world), one kiddie step at a time. He is an expert in the department of dreaming, an astronaut who finds his way through his thought bubbles and never lets go of his fly-me-to-the-moon spirit.

The story begins as Wells rummages through his school bag one day, only to find that it is a friend who is about to fly him to a whole new world...


Dear you, when was the last time you met someone who knows you just like you do, if not better? Someone who approves of all your wildest dreams and takes them even higher? Soba is the one. They call him a school bag, we call him the best-est bestie a child can dream of. He has an innate sense of humour and is a whole bag of fun. Most importantly, he’s there, and is always there having Wellsʼ back.

Wells and Soba Video



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